New players often don't know which monsters from the Rare Egg Machine are useful, and which are not worth raising. This page will give a brief overview for the importance of various monsters, particularly their value as a starting roll. Please check the Guide on a monster's individual page or look it up in Monster Guides for more detailed info and advice.

Important: As the game updates and strategies evolve, this article's opinions may become out of date, so please take this page with a grain of salt.

Last updated: March 2, 2015
Game Version: 7.2


  • The advice and evaluations in this article are made based on players playing long-term for free. If you are a repeat-IAP spender, some opinions in this article may not be suited for you.
  • "Overall rating" is not an average value based on the other stats. Rather, it's an evaluation of the monster based on its strength, difficulty, flexibility, and popularity.
  • Egg Machines are not the only source of valuable monsters! Check out the wiki pages of various dungeons for farmable monsters that may improve your team.

God PantheonsEdit

There are so many strong Gods in the game these days that new players should not settle for anything less than a God on their first roll. However, not all Gods are good starters! Check the overviews below to get an idea of how helpful your God will be.

Other REM MonstersEdit

The non-God monsters from the REM are sub-par (or even terrible) leaders, but many of them are useful (or even invaluable) subs.

Special Egg MachinesEdit

These monsters come from limited-time event-only Egg Machines. Note that the GoldEgg rate for most special Egg Machines are only 10% or less - even less than the normal REM. Therefore, with only a few exceptions, players are not recommended to spend too many stones on these Egg Machines.