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Dungeon History

August 18, 2013One Million Downloads Event
September 4, 201320M DL Worldwide Celebration Event
October 26-27, 2013All Hallows Haunt Event
November 25, 2013A Spectacular Thanksgiving Event
December 29, 2013Merry Christmastide!
January 20, 2014Winter Wonderland
February 12, 2014Hearts-a-Flutter
February 25, 2014Mardi Gras
March 17, 2014St. Patrick's Day
August 13, 2014Midsummer in Elfhame

Monster Data

No. 651
Awoken Zeus-Dios
L. Skill
Active skill changes all orbs to Wood Orbs. Leader skill is 3.5x ATK when HP is below 99%. 917i Awoken Zeus Olympios provides same damage multiplier but requires full health to activate. Very good as a Wood sub or leader.

Father of Gods-Mythical

Stamina 50 Money 32784 (656/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 10698 (214/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

Invade Special Event Only (Details)
754i Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku 8569 1 2016042 310 1329i Lv1
Skill SkillLock Binding Wave Bind Active Skills for 5 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Western Seven-Star Formation Multi-Hit (7) 41986
HP19%↓: 100% chance.
1 221i Berserk 14085 2 1117076 66 221i Lv3
Skill Lock Hyper Fire Bind Bind Gem1 for 10 turns.
Used first turn.
Skill EnemyAttack Clean Cut 28170
HP25%↓:100% chance
223i Highlander 8181 1 533920 22000 223i Lv4
Skill Smoke Dark Flash Hide Orbs.
Used first turn.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Legion Thrust Multi-Hit (3-6) 6852–13704
HP75%↓:70% chance
2 403i Griffin, the Hunter of Tempests 23550 2 340950 460 403i Lv10
Skill FirstStrike Godspeed Preemptive 11775.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Kamikaze Multi-Hit (4) 94200
HP30%↓:100% chance
3 204i Messenger of God, Archangel 11160 1 647700 900 094i Lv10
Skill Recover Resurrection Heal 100%.
HP20%↓:50% chanc. 1 time max.
Skill Void Dark change to Block Gem5Gem7
HP75%↓:20% chance
Skill NoEffect Glaring… Do nothing.
10% chance
4 189i Hera 10028 1 2085486 310 189i Lv5
Skill FirstStrike Holy Rite Preemptive 5014.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Double Slap Multi-Hit (3) 18051
HP25–60%:50% chance
Skill Void Mischief by God Gem0x2→Gem7
HP25–55%↑:25% chance. 1 time max.
Skill NoEffect Gathering Energy Do nothing.
HP24%↓:100% chance, then uses Graviton Bomb.
Skill EnemyAttack Graviton Bomb 60168
HP24%↓:Used continuously after using Gathering Energy.
5 650i Zeus-Dios 18778 1 3989653 5100 650i Lv5
Skill FirstStrike Heavenly Awakening Preemptive 14084.
Skill EffectShield Protection of the Gods Status effect null for 999 turns.
Used first turn.
Skill Lock Gods Gaze Bind MonsterType05 for 2–4 turns.
HP50%↓:100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill EnemyAttack Jupiter Genesis 37556
HP30%↓:75% chance
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Dios Blade Multi-Hit (4-6) 22532–33798
HP70%↓:75% chance
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