Dungeon Data Sample Teams

Below are sample teams that have successfully conquered this dungeon. You are welcome to share your own teams and tips here. (Please reference Sample Team Guidelines for suggestions on contributing.)

Ver Team HP Stones Notes
6.5.2 1240i
18383 0 Lu Bu and Byakko were around level 70; the other monsters were around level 50. My friend's Red Sonia was level 99 with +297, but there were no other plus eggs on my team. Lu Bu and Red Sonia were fully awoken, and Byakko was partially awoken. (She had five awakenings, meaning two dark row attacks.) The strategy is the following:

Floor 1: Stall as long as possible then kill.
Floor 2: Kill the mystic mask and then one of the two other masks. Stall as long as possible (ideally until all active skills are up) and then kill the final mask.
Floor 3: Just kill ASAP. With my team one set of dark orbs (plus a couple other combos) did the trick.
Floor 4: Use Red Sonia's active skill plus Lilith's active skill. It should be a one-hit kill if you can make a dark row attack or two.
Floor 5: Use Byakko's active skill plus chaos devil dragon's active skill plus Lu Bu's active skill (in that order). I had no trouble killing the boss in one shot with two large dark row attacks plus a fire row attack in the middle. It will be even easier if you can use a gravity first, but it may be difficult to stall long enough for gravity unless your Hades has a very high skill level.

I got very unlucky on floor 2 and ended up killing the mask before it even attacked because I got two dark skyfalls in a row. I almost had to stone on floor 4, but luckily the chimera bound me rather than making an attack that would have killed me. That gave me just enough time for Red Sonia's active skill to be available.

Hades can be replaced with Hera. (Or any dark stat stick, really. Gravity will make the boss fight easier, but it will be a challenge to stall long enough to use it.) Lu Bu can be replaced with King Baddie (although you would obviously want to lead with Red Sonia or some other leader that boosts the attack for devils). And Byakko could be replaced with Red Sonia. That would be riskier, though, since you could die if her active skill doesn't give you enough dark orbs. (That is less likely to happen if you use Byakko+chaos devil dragon since on average 2/3 of the board will be dark.) You really need to have either Byakko or Red Sonia on your team, though (plus your friend's Red Sonia leader). Floors 4 and 5 are almost impossible to clear without using Red Sonia/Byakko active skills unless your team is much stronger than the team I just described.
6.3.0 566i
21000+ 0 High RCV Goemon 25x farming team. My RCV is ~1300 Bring max skilled Megalodran for chaning heart orb to stall. If no Megalodran, change it to a max skilled Siren.
Stage1: kill green chimera first, then try hard to heal and kill fire chimera, finally get under 20% hp to kill water chimera. But remember to save some heart orb before going to Stage 2.
Stage 2: This is where you stall for Ninja Firework. First heal yourself up over 20% hp; this is important otherwise you won't be able to stall at all. Kill Mystic Mask as soon as possible, pop Echidna's skill when it's ready. Then kill either light or dark mask so leave only one mask. Once having one mask left, start to stall. This is why we bring max skill Megalodran or Siren here. When we accumulate too many fire orbs, we can simply use Megalodran's skill to change them to heart orbs and keep stalling and healing. Stall until you have Ninja firework ,get under 20% hp, and then proceed.
Stage 3: one turn kill them.
Stage 4: pop one of the Ninja firework to pass. Remember if you encounter 1 turn attack water chimera, pop the Enchidna's skill first to ensure that it doesn't die after Ninja firework.
Stage 5: Ninja Firework, enhance fire orb skill, get the egg.
6.1.1 988i
20373 0 AMA and GR Odin needs to be fully awoken to prevent bind, my heras are maxed skill and my bl odin also fully awoken and max level for all of them, my AMA is +99 RCV, but as long as your AMA can do about 5.6k recovery each turn you will be fine. 1st: kill the one in the same turn, even if all of them in the same turn, you should be ok, since they only attack every 2 turns. 2nd: just kill, and make sure both odins are up before going to 3rd. 3rd, use both odin to kill 2 devils, then charge back odins and lucifer ready 4th: gravities+lucifer+both odin to kill one and then can heal back with AMA, then kill the other. Zeus: a total of 6 gravities then morning star- he can't kill you as long as you cancel orb every turn until 20%, so DO NOT make too many attacks in between gravities, time really depends on whether you have max ur heras
6.03 629i
40000++ 0 Save black orbs (enough for 3 multi-hits) before 2F so you can avoid binds. Charge on 3, Use a gravities and morning star(s) to take out one of the Chimeras, charge on the other. 4 gravities will put Zeus at 25% health, low enough to double morning star.He could do up to a 27K hit between shots, so you'll need to have a lot of hearts saved. If he binds, you'll need to stone :(
6.2.1 693i
~12000 0 Lv 98 +18 , 82+18 , 63+9 ,69+42, max
1/F Spike!!
2/F slow down low combo store skill
3/F Spike!!
4/F 2x Cu Chu Spike!!
5/F pop all other skills Spike!! ,good luck
6.4 599i
10000+ 0 For rookies or low rank players. Skill up not necessary. Friend high plus but +297 not necessary either. 10k HP required to tank B2.
B1: Kill on last turn.
B2: Kill Mystic Mask first, then Gold Mask. Can use Hamahime if needed. Stall on Onyx Mask until all skills up.
B3: Match a row of fire orbs plus combos and sweep. Save dark, light and heart orbs.
B4: Use Wicked Lady then Baddie. Sweep.
B5: Use in order: Sonia, Hamahime, Hera-Ur, Baddie. OHKO.

6.5.2 912i
10000+ 0 Extra Ronia and Gryps can be replaced. Even Hera-Ur. Plow through each floor. On Masks, kill Mystic mask first, then one of the divine masks. Keep one alive for skills (Hits every 7 turns for 9999, so eat a hit and heal). Ronia #1 on Chimeras, Ronia>Hera-Ur->Baddie on Zeus and annihilate him.
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