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Monster Data

No. 1252
Awoken Zeus Vulcan
L. Skill

God of Judgement-Mythical

Stamina 50 Money 69000 (1380/Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 39731 (795/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

Invade Only when Spirit Jewels invade; exact invade may not be up to date, see Event Schedule for details
750i Tortoise Mountain Genbu, Meimei 8569 1 2016042 310 1327i Lv1
Skill SkillLock Binding Wave Bind Active Skills for 5 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Northern Seven-Star Formation Multi-Hit (7) 17997
HP20%↓: 100% chance.
1 788i Beast of the Labyrinth, Minotaur 11040 3 527250 300 788i Lv10
Skill EnemyAttack Quick Stomp 2208
Skill EnemyAttack Full Swing 16560
HP10~40%:100% chance.
Skill Lock Binding Move Bind 1 for 10 turns.
HP9%↓:100% chance, 1 time max.
Skill EnemyAttack Full Swing 16560
HP9%↓:100% chance.
790i Stone Gaze Demon Bird, Cockatrice 8010 2 302250 300 790i Lv10
Skill Void Chaos Eye Gem0x2→Gem7
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Snake Bite Multi-Hit (2) 10414
70% chance.
Skill Lock Pupil of the Evil Eye Bind 2 for 4 turns.
HP29%↓:100% chance, 1 time max.
794i Thunder Giant, Cyclops 15090 3 902250 0 794i Lv10
Skill DirectAttack Heavy Blow Cut player HP by 75%.
HP50%↑:50% chance.

HP49%↓:Use the following skills in order:

Skill NoEffect Raised Weapon Do nothing.
Skill EnemyAttack Giga Impact 30180
2 1090i Hurricane Volcano Dragon 9194 1 2086181 2050 023i Lv5
Skill Absorb Fire Scales Absorb Fire for 10 turns.
Skill ChangeAll Volcano Dragon's Howl 25% Gem1 orb drop increase for 5 turns.
100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Hurricane Fang Multi-Hit (3-5) 8274–13790
HP50%↓:50% chance.
Skill DamageTransform Magma Ball Gem3Gem1 and hit for 7355.
50% chance.
3 330i Red Wood Fafnir Skill 1 1043472 260 116i Lv5
Skill NoEffect *Snores* Do nothing.

Use the following skills in order:

Skill NoEffect *Snores* Do nothing.
Skill AttackUp Awakening ATK→15375 for 999 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Dragon Star Multi-Hit (2) 5126 (Awakening→15378)
4 1210i The Eternal Bird, Phoenix 7583 1 1748889 0 399i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv Gleam of the Phoenix Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Eternal Flare Multi-Hit (5) 30330
Used every 6 turns.
Skill Recover Flames of Reincarnation Heal 100%.
HP50%↓: 100% chance.
Skill DamageTransform Immortal Flame Gem2Gem6 and hit for 5687.
100% chance if Gem2 present.
5 692i Earth-Rending Emperor, Siegfried Skill 2 2086250 210 222i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv En Garde! Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill NoEffect Strikes an imposing stance Do nothing.
HP100%↑:100% chance.
Skill AttackUp King Bubblie ENHANCE! ATK→23250 for 999 turns.
HP99%↓:100% chance, 1 time max.
Skill DamageTransform Splash Blade Gem0Gem2 and hit for  (King Bubblie ENHANCE!→16275).
HP50~99%:100% chance
Skill EnemyAttack Dragon-slaying Crimson Blade  (King Bubblie ENHANCE!→20460)
HP49%↓:100% chance
6 693i Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn 6819 1 33 600000 224i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv Fight me with all your strength! Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill DamageTransform Wolf Attack Gem0Gem7 and hit for 4773.
HP50%↑:30% chance. Will not use on consecutive turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Whirlwind Barage Multi-Hit (4-6) 6820–10230
HP50%↑:70% chance.

HP49%↓:Use the following skills in order:

Skill DirectAttack Pitch Black Assassin's Dagger Cut player HP by 99%.
Used every other turn.
Skill EnemyAttack Finale 8524
Used every other turn.
7 891i Hunt God of the Holy Bow, Artemis Skill 1 1739028 4200 Money10k
Skill ChangeAll Hunting Mastery 10% Gem7 orb drop increase for 10 turns.
Skill Damage Lock Head Snipe 5125 and bind Leader for 2 turns.
Used every 2nd turn.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Barrage Shot Multi-Hit (4-6) 8200–12300
HP50%↑:100% chance.
Skill EnemyAttack Arrow of Judgement 15375
HP49%↓:100% chance.
8 599i Awoken Hera-Ur 15477 1 1816907 536 598i Lv4
Skill EffectShield Protection of the Gods Status effect null for 999 turns.
Used first turn.
Skill Lock Eternal Thirst Bind Gem2 for 10 turns.
HP50%↑:100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Flame Pillar Multi-Hit (3) 20895
HP50%↑:70% chance.
Skill EnemyAttack High Kick 26311
HP25~49%:70% chance.
Skill NoEffect Released Magical Power Do nothing.
HP24%↓:100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill EnemyAttack Graviton Bomb 92862
HP24%↓:100% chance.
9 889i War Deity of Fury, Ares Skill 1 2086250 2100 Money10k
Skill SmokeDamage Cruel War Hide Orbs, and hit for 5229.

HP50%↑:Use the following skills in order:

Skill DirectAttack Fiery Spear of Destruction Cut player HP by 99%.
Skill DamageTransform Dark Spear of Insanity Gem0Gem7 and hit for 10458.

HP49%↓:Use the following skills in order:

Skill SmokeDamage Cruel War Hide Orbs, and hit for 5229.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Wallbreaker Multi-Hit (2) 15688
Priority use if player HP75%↓ or <15688.
10 1252i Awoken Zeus Vulcan 11819 1 4518542 3350 1251i Lv5
Skill Absorb God-King's Test Absorb <5 combos for 999 turns.
Skill DamageTransform Draconic Blade Gem2Gem1 and hit for 14183.
HP30%↑:100% chance if Gem2 present. Will not be used on consecutive turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Mars Daylight Multi-Hit (3) 17730
HP30%↓:100% chance.

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