• Hi Cal-boy,

    It has been a year since I have reported this problem to you, and I have not received any positive reply. I think it is time to take the issue seriously.

    A year ago, Wikia adopted the mobile page feature without any prior notice. As you might have noticed, it is very different to view this PAD wikia on a normal computer (referred to as "the desktop page" thereafter) and on a smartphone (referred to as "the mobile page" thereafter). What can normally be viewed on the desktop page could not properly be displayed on the mobile page.

    Our pages employ a large number of modules, which allow high flexibility. However, none of these features have ever been allowed on the mobile page where the module is fixed and prohibits any modification.

    Our desktop page and mobile page have never been synchronized since the mobile page feature was adopted.

    To sum up everything, this mobile page feature has caused a lot of troubles for us, and greatly reduced our flexibility in editing the pages.

    May I kindly ask if there is a way to disable the feature?

    I look forward to solve this problem with you. Please reply soon.


    Attachments are the comparison of the desktop page and the mobile page, which are simply highly different and not synchronized.

    • Hi Kim,

      I totally understand your frustration about the mobile skin on your wiki. But unfortunately, the mobile mode was released to all wikis on Wikia and the default is going to remain mobile from now until forever. However, users always have the option to click “full site" to switch to a desktop mode if they want. We are doing so because most people don’t like scrolling a giant website in desktop mode on a tiny little phone.

      I have delivered your feedback and suggestions to some relevant teams and hope they can solve this problem in the near future especially for many mobile game wikis that need to show tons of data to users instead of videos or pictures. At the same time, if you have any solutions in your mind that can make this situation better, please let me know and I will bring your ideas/suggestions/opinions to the teams and see what changes we can do to make your communities better.

      Chen @fandom
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    • Cal-boy,

      I do notice this feature of switching from the mobile page to the desktop page on a smartphone. But I would like to bring to your attention that I am among the minority, since in fact only a few users noticed that. What makes things worse is we are unable to put any reminder/notice/warning or whatsoever to remind readers that we recommend switching to the desktop page.

      The modules brought a great frustration to us. PAD is a game with news and activities updated every day. But in the mobile page we are simply unable to bring this to our readers, which is what they concerned the most.

      I understand the need to have a mobile page, and that was what we had been doing for a long time, as we also notice the problem of displaying a desktop page on a mobile phone. The problem with this mobile page, as aforementioned, is the lack of flexibility (= we can't create what we wanted to, like those on a desktop page). Indeed, before the feature was employed, we used to redirect users from a desktop page to our self-created mobile page, and it worked properly. That was when mobile page viewers made up 95% of our total page views.

      And btw now the page redirection function could not work as well.

      It simply makes no point for both the users and the admins to get used to two pages (= two sets of operations) on the same wikia, since because we are using different devices.

      If disabling isn't possible, do enable the page redirection function so we can redirect users from the mobile page.

      Looking forward to your reply.


    • Hi Kim!

      Thanks for your feedback again! Especially when you say "that was when mobile page viewers made up 95% of our total page views", I think this will be very helpful for our mobile team to develop our future mobile products. However, I can only help you deliver the feedback to the product team but don't have a weight to make any change of our products. I would suggest you directly contact our mobile team manager Stanley and talk about what works for PAD or not and get more insights about how and why we design the mobile skin in this way. Please notice that we may not make any change in a short time, but any good feedback can make our mobile products more friendly and better to our users. Please let me know if you have more questions. Chen @fandom
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  • hello Cal-boy.

    There are 3 problems that have come to my attention and I would like to know more from you.

    1. I have noticed the deletion of the top two lines in our homepage by you on 5Feb: __NOWYSIWYG__ <verbatim>MobilePage</verbatim>

    I would like to know the rationale behind

    2. I have noticed that all kinds of page redirect for mobile devices have failed by using the verbatim function similar to that above. May I know if this function has been disabled?

    3. I have noticed that the page layout when viewed in mobile devices has changed very significantly. This has caused a catastrophe when surfing wikia in mobile devices. May I know if there are any changes that the IT team has made?

    Thank you and I hope to see your reply soon.


    • Hi Kim!

      1, We didn't delete these codes but moved them to the bottom of the page. The reason was that it caused a huge blank space on the left column.

      Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.24.30 AM

      2, We didn't change anything else or disable any functions. Can you please send us details/difference about how it works/doesn't work on mobile devices by contact us? Any pictures or details would be appreciated and I will ask the community support team to take a look at the issues.

      3, I'm not sure if engineering team works on something or tests something new. But as far as I know, we didn't alternate any functions related to the mobile page. Here are some screenshots I just tested on my phone. Don't know whether they look the same to your previous version. Please let me know if you need any help.

    • Hi Cal-boy

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I've taken note on your first point. Thank you.

      regarding points 2 and 3, indeed your pictures taken are already very good evidences. Previously when one views our page on mobile devices the system will automatically redirect users to homepage/mobile (you page is showing just the normal desktop homepage). This redirect function is guided by the following code:
      <verbatim>MobilePage</verbatim> OR
      However, both of the functions have failed.

      Also, previously when viewed on mobile devices, the page layout could be seen without problem. For example, the background color (the very pale brown color) could have been displayed. The icons would have been displayed in uniform size. I viewed the mobile page almost every day and I can surely tell that there have been significant changes, just I thought it was a problem on my device previously.

      One point that I do notice is that both you and I are using i-phones. I have not yet tried other devices yet.

      Please help to see these problems again. Thank you.


    • And there is one more thing that I would like to draw your attention: We have templates on the main page that updates every day (those are urgent events). Yet this update has been VERY SLOW. It delayed by more than 18 hours, which is hardly acceptable for us. We would clear those events after 11 or 12pm every day, so is there something you can do?



    • PS. I haven't switched on the desktop for two days, so I'm quite sure this delay would not have been something related to my PC or browser settings

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