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  • type: blank = normal; techno = 技術; more...


?? 超地獄級

Developer note:

Define dungeon_type variable, value is type. Template:Dungeon/Monster will use this variable to adjust turn and enemy skills. It also load all enemy monster data (Template:Dungeon/MonsterData), for calculate monster's HP/DEF/ATK in dungeon page. A dungeon page may has more than one DungeonTitle, such as 地獄 & 超地獄, which end up loading Template:Dungeon/MonsterData multi times. But base on testing, this does not affect the page render performance (and node count), and have following advantages:

  • To prevent user forgot to load Template:Dungeon/MonsterData at the top of dungeon page.
  • When user edit a section of a page (by click the pencil next to DungeonTitle), but not editing the whole page, the preview doesn't works because Template:Dungeon/MonsterData is not in that section.